Tuesday, October 4

Friday Night Football.

I think that it's natural to want to grow up and do whatever it is you want to do. Maybe you wish to travel the world or go to college or get married and settle down. We all have dreams and desires. But sometimes being a kid is okay too. Sometimes it's fun to hear people screeching at the football game and to see your friends cheering with pompoms. Sometimes it's wonderful to give high fives and have a little girl jump and give you a hug. Sometimes is the best to be so so cold and for the vending machine to not let you buy a power aide. Sometimes it's not all about growing up, but about being who you are and what you are. For you're you right now for a purpose. And sometimes, knowing that, is the best of all.

(1) from left to right: Brenna, Kassidy, me, and Kovenant; (2) me and Kovey; (3) Brenna, Cynthia, Kassidy, me, Michelle, Kovey; (4) Brenna, me, and Kovey.

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