Sunday, October 2

October bliss.

My night:
baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt.
a large bowl of brownie coco-puffs (which, sadly, taste just like regular coco-puffs to me).
planning to watch a scary movie with friends and cute boys.
and enjoying the last bit of weekend.

My October:
turning sixteen.
more driving. because I now have a permit. :)
doing better in school.
one amazing halloween, I just know it.
falling in love.
^well. one can dream, can't she?

How do you plan to spend your October?


  1. Cute post! I hope to spend October doing well in school and crafting (as usual). :)

  2. my weekend:
    making cotton candy with my best friend for three hours
    being so covered with it that i couldn't see
    flirting with the dishwasher at work. he's a christian&such a sweetheart
    spending too much time thinking about said boy

    my october:
    making memories
    more driving for me too!
    focusing on what's important
    soaking up life
    and hopefully, a haunted corn maze :)

    love you!


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