Wednesday, October 26

Just another boy. Or not.

His name is David. 
He has blue eyes and blonde hair. 
He plays many instruments. 
While Facebook stalking his page, I saw that he compared himself to Hamlet. Hamlet
His mom makes excellent chili.
He's a Christian. 
He's seventeen. 
He's not arrogant.
He's been a witness to many of my embarrassing moments, 
and heard embarrassing things spill out of my mouth. 
He, from what I've seen, likes his siblings. 
His house is old, huge, and beautiful.
His sister's album is on iTunes.
He does magic tricks and rides a unicycle. Which is kind of weird and unconventional. Which is probably just what I need. 
He's funny. Not in the huge, loud way though, more in like a sweet, shy way.
And if he doesn't mind, I think we could be all vintage and cute and make music and bake and listen to cool music and go to book stores and take awesome photos. I mean, if he doesn't mind.

....His name is David. 
And I think I'm smitten. 


  1. oh my word Jodie he sounds perfect. I can't wait to hear more.

  2. He sounds lovely! Christan boys are the best. :)

  3. this david sounds much like my zach.

    we can be smitten together.

    -anna :)

  4. his name is Isaac.
    he has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
    he's nine inches taller than me.
    he remembers when my birthday is.
    he loves Jesus.
    he knows how to make me laugh.
    he's smart.
    he loves Pixar movies.
    he's a cute nerd.
    he has an amazing smile.
    he's seventeen.

    is it too soon to say I'm in love? either way, I'm meeting his dad on Saturday and I'm terrified.

  5. his name is zach.
    he had blonde hair and blue eyes.
    he loves lecrae.
    he waves at me like i'm somebody.
    he's three months older than me.
    he's witty.
    he's shy.
    he's smart.
    he has whippable hair, according to willow smith.
    he loves Jesus.

    i don't know what love is, but i hope this is it.

  6. oh dear, sorry for all the posts.
    Your taking me back to highschool girl.
    Although, I definitely was not walking with the Lord then so I wouldn't dare post those crushes.
    But if I can be so bold out here in blog land for a moment :)?

    His name is Shane.
    He has a passionate and loving walk with Jesus Christ.
    He has darker eyes...brownish, green...
    He's skinny.
    He's hilarious.
    He loves telling people about Jesus.
    His heart is huge.
    He talked to me every night almost for 2 weeks.
    I prayed.
    I confronted.
    He told me he hadn't brought me before the Lord.
    I backed off.
    He did as well, slowly.
    And here I am.
    Still in a deep state of like with Him.

    But trusting the Lord and not getting ahead.
    Because there are crazy consequences when we give our hearts away too soon.

    And God has a man that will feel more like a blessing than uncomfortable confusion for me :)

    sorry I got a bit honest there.



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