Sunday, October 23

Sixteen candles.

So, sixteen years ago today I took my first look at this world.
Since then, I've grown up a bit, changed a lot, and learned bunches. And in sixteen more years, I'll most likely be saying the same thing.
The funny thing about growing up is it's bittersweet. The thought of carrying my own set of keys, exploring this big old place, and living out God's plan excites me. Who will I be five years from now? Will I have found true love? Will I have published any novels, played music for any crowds, held anyone's hand? But on the flip side, it's sort of sad. Another year of my life has been lived, my childhood is getting farther and farther away, and things tend to change. It's nice to know though that my life ahead is in God's hands and He will never leave me, nor forsake me.

Yesterday, in honor of my birthday, me and two friends went shopping! It was a blast. And, since I got a camera for my birthday, I was able to snap some pictures of our day!

This is my friend Kovenant. She is adorable. And yes. She is drinking the beloved Starbucks. 

I love these two people. We were taking pictures outside of this aweeeesome thrift store!

We saw a rainbow cloud! 

I like my Starbucks too. Except for some reason I'm sideways... 

Why. Am. I. Sideways. Again. 

Sorry for the lack of postage and have a wonderful rest of the day! 

I apologize for the not-so-grand filming quality. 


  1. Jodie! Happy birthday sweet girl! I love you so much and you're such an inspiration to me. You're beautiful and talented and special and you mean a lot to me.


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