Sunday, November 27

in one week.

(1. I had my last day of Driver's ed. Oh, yes. That wildly hated thing that lots and lots of your typical Sophomores must go through. I, however, enjoyed it. The class time at least. I made some friends and we took pictures on our last day (which was last Sunday). There's me, then Amber, and then Alyssa. We had some great laughs, many trips to Dollar General, and even code names. Well, just one. Aldean. ;) 

(2. I've dyed my hair. Monday night was the first time in all my life I've dyed my complete head of hair. And I went from a honey blonde to a light brown with hints of blonde and amber. Pictures didn't seem to turn out too well, but here's one of them, anyhow. Can you tell a little? No? *sigh*

(3. Thanksgiving + sleepover. Thanksgiving my family and I headed over to my Aunt's house and I spent the day belting out Adele, passing the football, and hanging out with my cousin's Haley and Katelyn. Katelyn and I spent the night at my Aunt's house and we ate food. Lots of food, we ate.

Friday night I spent the night at Karsten and Kovenant's (David was there. We had a five second conversation about the Hunger Games); Saturday I went to a college basketball game and shopped; Sunday I worked and helped put up Christmas decorations at the church. All in all? Thanksgiving weekend was pretty swell. 

Not as swell as labor day weekend, but pretty great just the same.

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! 


  1. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving weekend! :) I hope you had a happy thanksgiving! :))

  2. looks like a ton of fun!

    and you are... braver than i. i can't bring myself to die my hair, though i cut it drastically almost every year. i'm thinking about getting dread locks, though i'm not sure how my mom would react.

    *me walking in the room with dread locks*

    yeah. that's how that would go ;)

  3. aw, sounds like such a great week. i definitely remember drivers ed and all of those mock drivers test and written papers. book.
    and yay for thanksgiving and fun sleepovers!
    xo TJ


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