Tuesday, January 31

California love.

Take me away, 
to the California waves. 
Where the days are long,
And the boys are blonde. 
Take me away, take me away. 

learn to surf//
wear a real flower in my hair//
swim with dolphins//
attend a bonfire on the beach//
go to california//
stare at the stars with a boy i'm falling for//
have the same boy fall for me//


  1. let's go to california together, okay? okay.

  2. haha.
    this is spectacular.
    I found you over at Krystinas lovely OWL DIARY blog.
    Think you found yourself a new follower :).

    Blessings dear.



  3. let's pack up and move to california.
    she's got lots of friends out there.
    we'll never get bored 'cause we can go boarding.
    let's let the sunshine take us there.

    -hawk nelson♥

  4. all the things you mention.. it sounds so much like all the things I want right now. sun, warmth, beach, sea.

  5. ahh, love that picture--and california! I want to go there so bad!


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