Tuesday, February 14

this boy. the future. and valentines day.

this boy: i don't know if i like david.. but sunday he showed up at a valentines day party i was at. kovenant and karsten's brother gave brenna and i a ride back to my house. he was in the car. he called me a turkey. he said that if brenna was a turkey, than i was definitely one. he prank called pizza put. he's hilarious. i gave him my rhino valentine that says, "you're a ton of fun" with a little rhino tattoo. he gave it back and said that he just wanted the tattoo. i wonder if he still has it.

the future: i don't know what college to pick, if i'm even going to pick one. i don't know what all is going to happen in two years. i don't know if i'm going to be able to get into public school, what i want to do with the rest of my life, how it's all going to work out. who i'm going to marry. where i'm going to live. what classes i'm going to take. and sometimes it stresses me out and confuses me. i want this summer to be amazing, it's my 16th, but i don't want to force things. so, i'm praying that god will help me with everything and that my life will glorify him and follow the plan he has for me. 

valentines day: i think it'd be really really wonderful to have a boyfriend. to have him buy me chocolates or flowers or a teddy bear. to kiss me and give me a love letter and say "happy valentines day, i love you." let's be honest: it's valentines day and you've probably thought about how romantic and blissful it would be to have a cheesy red and pink card. and maybe this is totally contradictory to the first paragraph: i'm kind of tired of being a lonely, sixteen year old maid. maybe this summer something will blossom. but for right now? i'm going to enjoy being single. i'm going to love my life as it is. i'm not going to totally ignore the opposite sex - but i'm not going to sit around being depressed because i don't have a cute boy to call mine. i think i need to really get more focused on god than i have been. and he can be my valentine this year. 

this post.. this post is all over the place. xoxo, happy valentines day! love you! what did you do to celebrate february 14?


  1. For V Day, my husband and I bought new living room furniture, which sounds less exciting than it actually is. It's kind of cool to be a grown-up sometimes. Then we went out to dinner for a non-romantic evening, mostly because it was a BBQ place. We love it, though. I think what you're feeling is perfectly normal, and I'm pretty sure I was thinking about the same things when I was your age. Just know that all of the things that are supposed to happen will, eventually, happen. Everything falls into place. Always.

  2. what did i do for valentine's? well..

    i got a card from my parents, which was kind of adorable. then my best friend shan and i swapped handmade spanish valentines- i love that girl. i also held a conversation with the guy i find admirable, which was a God-thing, it being valentine's day and all. and i ended the day with a phone call with my soul sis, which was, as always, the best thing. not a bad day if i do say so myself. (:

  3. i didn't celebrate valentine's this year...at least not on the 14th. aaron (the boyfriend- i know, we have a lot to catch up on!) and i are going out to see the vow and eat at olive garden on saturday. i can't wait.

    i completely agree with what you said about the future. i have no idea what i'm doing with my life...i'm just ready to know, you know?

    miss you, dear!


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