Thursday, February 16

le outfit. xx + more.

This just so happens to be the outfit I wore to youth yesterday. In theory, it doesn't really go together. A patterned scarf, a stripped sweater, and a neon, yellow-green cami. But somehow, I feel like it works. Kind of like life if you want to get all symbolic or something. Black skinny jeans and my black Uggs. And my shower. *cough*

I'm rather excited for this weekend. Friday I do believe Karsten and Kovenant are coming over. + small group, Sunday which I'm coming to adore. + the valentines dance I said I'd help out with. Our church is putting it on and there'll be pictures and dresses and music. Awe.

Life lately has consisted of Netflix; wondering where the heck my life is going; Nicholas Sparks; and spending time with my friends. Today is Kovenant's birthday, by the way. I love that girl. Orca. < inside joke. Which I don't know why I both putting down because no one I know in real life reads this blog - with the exception of my theatrical play junkie friend Bonnie (we met at acting camp). At least.. I hope they don't. I try to keep my blog to myself and my blogging friends.

List time! Why I'm excited for spring:

- driver's license.
- dresses, skirts, happy colors.
- make it or break it.
- hungergameshungergameshungergames. OH MY GOSH IS IT REALLY NEXT MONTH!?
- that feeling that comes with spring. i know you know the one.
- it's thismuchcloser to summer.
- testing. well, i'm not really excited for that. but i'm excited for what could come of it. ivy tech. public school. who knows.


  1. i have no sense of style whatsoever, but i do know that your outfit is rad.
    also, i'm excited for my driver's license this spring.
    andddd all the dresses, skirts, and bright colors that make me happy too (:

  2. hunger games :).
    It is going to be an amazing and lovely time girl!
    Glad your enjoying church and youth group. Enjoy it while it lasts. College changes things and it gets a bit more fast paced and less free-flowing...



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