Monday, February 20

simple beauty [the re-invention of myself: part two - fashion]

Part two and a long time coming at that. Fashion can seem like such a petty thing, but really it's just another form of expressing yourself. Think about it - what you're wearing is one of the first things people notice about you. "Oh, yes, I know that girl. She has brown curly hair, beautiful green eyes, and she was wearing a lavender top." I'm not saying what you wear should be everything. I think you should look past the outer more and focus more on the inner. But if you can take who you are and express it in what you wear, then I think it can be used in a lovely way. So here are just some looks I find adorable or inspiring or something along those lines! Also, if you missed my first re-invention post, you can read it here!

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  1. I like scarfs, cowls and flowy tops and dresses... They are so feminine that I just always end up feeling like a lady :).


  2. I love reinvention! Its something I've been working on.
    Once I heard someone describe me as "The girl in all black with brown hair" and I was thinking "yikes, maybe I should switch things up".
    Nice little inspiration board you have here. Love the looks.

  3. oh gosh, i am just loving all of these looks. definitely in need of a reinvention myself!
    xo TJ

  4. I love all looks that you picked out! I always enjoy getting inspiration for outfits from other bloggers. I am in the process of reinventing myself as well and I love it. :)


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