Monday, December 5

simple beauty [the re-invention of myself: part one - the beginning].

See that the girl in the picture above? She's beautiful. Stunning.
Gorgeous freckles and pale skin; dark hair and captivating eyes. She's wearing white lace and laying in a bed of leaves. Everything about this picture I love.
(and I'm sooo sooo sorry I don't have credit for this picture!).

And her makeup is either non-existent or very minimal. And it's beautiful. 

I want to be beautiful whether I have on nothing or thick, clumpy mascara. 

I want to wear whatever I want and feel confident.

I want to be charming and cheerful and lovely.

And I want to be me. 

Stay tuned for more re-invention posts. Or maybe re-discovering posts.

Re-discovering and uncovering who I really am. 

Who I am.

- me -


  1. You are so beautiful! It's so important to love yourself, and I am learning that if I don't love me, then I can't truly love those around me.
    Love your neighbor as you love thyself. :)

  2. thank you for the sweet comment on my post :)

    always be yourself! you are beautiful, charming and great


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