Saturday, December 3

my blogity blog.

I'm sitting here.
It's 2:13 A.M.
A rather large cup of Juicy Juice is nearby.
I'm sleepy.
Netflix is playing on my laptop.
And I'm sort of discontent with my blog.
It's not very cute.
Rather lame.
I'm just not sure.
Any suggestions?
(I feel like I always do this post every once and awhile).


  1. okay, here are my suggestions:
    1.) make the print a bit bigger--it's more attractive and more easily readible.
    2.) Try out a new header, and change up the background a bit! Blogger has lots of cool, easy changes in their template designer.


  2. Oh my goodness! I love how your blog looks! It's darling! Everytime I come onto your blog I'm like *swoon*. Hahaha!(: But I agree with Simi, make the print a bit bigger. :)

  3. You can start by making the text font a little bigger. Don't worry too much about how your blog looks. It's the content that really matters, right? Besides, you have a lot of followers! :D

  4. well i like it :] it's simple and nice and.. yeah. i like it :]


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