Monday, March 5

last night was a night of champions.

Or, more accurately, friday night was a night of champions.
and here's why:

it was a night full of jared hess movies (napoleon dynamite, nacho libre, and gentlemen broncos);
it was a night full of laughter over various reasons;
a night of frozen yogurt. and then some more frozen yogurt; 
and popcorn. and coke;
a living room jam packed full of people. i'd say the count was around twelve or so;
toes going numb because you're watching boys crack eggs on a porch and you're wearing flip flops;
sleeping on the floor; 
late night talks; 
no makeup and sweatpants. around boys;
watching a couple on the floor cuddling and looking adorable. just adorable; 
dr. seuss, piling into a car, and just living. 

oh, and in case you didn't know, me and the mr. harry styles got married. ;)
well, maybe that part didn't actually happen..

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  1. haha like the ending! i miss being young and the days of sleepovers and munchies. They become fewer and fewer as you get older. And I'm only 22. Blessings to you girl! glad you are being blessed with great memories. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!! trust me. You will wish you had taken more!



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