Saturday, March 10

underneath it all.

underneath all the assumptions, the judgments, the stereotypes;
underneath all the makeup, the clothes, the outside;
underneath everything that people may think of me, the talk they talk;
underneath it all is me.
i'm just a girl who loves to read and loves hot cocoa and pretty mugs.
i like netflix and music and i keep a journal.
i love to talk about love because it's something i want so much.
i play the piano. i write songs.
i'm a christian and i'm trying to be like jesus.
i love to write. i love to sing. i love to act.
theater is a wonderful, wonderful place.
zac efron is dreamy. so is harry styles. and channing tatum.
and i've never been kissed.
sixteen years young.
and i'm just living life.
and i think that some people don't really know who i am. like, deeply.
so maybe it's time i let some more of my personality shine.
and you should too.

- coldplay - 

summer bucket list soon perhaps?

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  1. :). You sound like an amazing sister in Christ girl! Keep being who God created you to be and remember that He is in the business of changing hearts not personalities! He is the business of developing Character not taking away your uniqueness. Be blessed and I really enjoy your writing!



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