Friday, April 13

What I like about life (first addition):

(1. When people use your first and last name. It's charming and friendly.
(2. *How a cute boy waving at you during school can make your day.
(3. When you accomplish something you didn't want to do.
(4. Mochas. Mochas and school work just go together.
(5. The grand piano.
(6. The weekend + plans.

I hope you all had a fantastic week and that you'll have a wonderful weekend! 
*I've gone into school to do some testing for next year, if you were wondering why I was at school!


  1. lovely list you've made. i love number two & four! a boy at my church ran across the whole parking lot just to beat me to the door so he could open it for me. seriously made my day. that's what i like about life right now. :)

  2. ^^^ Oh my word. That is too sweet. :) love it.


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