Thursday, April 19

always you.

I've just never been able to shake you, really. Any smidgen of hope at something happening and I get all excited. I have to tell you that you did a good job in the play. I have to. I have to walk up to you, perhaps Taylor will be there as well, and I'll tell you that you both did a great job. Apparently, you've laughed at things I've said, huh? Does that mean you think I'm funny? Does that mean it's acceptable for me to fall in love with you again? Am I aloud? Can I pass by you Sunday and smile? Maybe you'll see me at school, because I have to go and all, and you'll want to win me over. Because can't it be like the movies for once? Do those kinds of things happen to girls like me? I just love you, that's all. Is it okay for me to say that?

Be my Jack Dawson. Be my Noah Calhoun. Be my Peeta Mellark. Please. Let's spend the summer of our lives together before you go off to college. Let's go to the lake. Let's go to the movies. Let's ride out into the country, spread out a blanket, and look up at the stars. Let's hold hands. Let's have fun. Let's be teenagers in love. Let's be everything I've ever wanted. Let's me you and me. Let's be Jonah and Jodie.


  1. i wrote a paper along the lines of this.
    it's called high school and boys and brandon heath. you'll have to read it sometime. :)

  2. Jodie, you totally just put my thoughts into words. This was so cute. (:


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