Monday, November 19


last year at this time everything was so different. i hadn't decided if i was going to pursue high school (i was homeschooled), my aunt was still alive, my parents were still together, i had just turned 16.. looking back, 2012 wasn't a very merry year. tragedy kept looming around the corner. i didn't know that i would one day walk the halls of RHS. i didn't know that in about a month my mom would get a phone call that changed everything. i sure as hell didn't think my parents were going to get divorced.. but it all happened. and even though 2012 literally sucked, it was a year of growing. it was a year of learning how to survive. to make the best out of the worst. it challenged me. it made me cry. but it also made me laugh. i realized that boys actually like me. i realized that i was capable of playing a varsity sport. i realized that i'm stronger, more confident, and more beautiful than i ever would have thought.

so much has changed and happened that it's unbelievable. people have stayed in my life, people have left, and people have entered. even though i have a lot to be upset about - still am upset about, actually - i have a lot to be thankful for. despite the bad, despite the negativity that surrounds my mind.. i'm still jodie. i'm still that girl that likes to find the good in everything. i'm still that girl that is always writing something. i'm still that girl that wants to fall in love more than anything. i'm still that girl whose strength is surprising.

and somewhere, deep inside, is that 14 year old homeschooled, good little christian girl who loved to write and started a blog.

and yes. who still thinks jonah is the cutest boy in the world.


  1. im so sorry this year hasn't gone in a good direction for you. things will get better <3

  2. mm. this is sweet. 2012 has been an extremely difficult year for many I know as well (in california) know that your brothers and sisters across the world are enduring through difficulties as well and you are not alone. And the woman God is making you into through all of this suffering will illuminate Gods hand in all of these trials soon enough.

    Blessings girl



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