Tuesday, November 26

happy birthday babe

a compilation of things i need to make my sweet best friend jessie's surprise birthday party a success (emphasis on the surprsie so shhh).

  • balloons (mostly because I love balloons and I think they make party's fab)
  • glow sticks (because I also love glow sticks)
  • a cake (topped with seventeen white candles)
  • cookies and snacks
  • presents wrapped with joy
  • firewood 
  • fully charged phones to capture memories 
  • a bunch of her closest friends to make her Birthday Eve Eve (yes her birthday's on Thanksgiving) a night to remember forever.
she thinks she's coming over to spend the night at my house and watch movies. needless to say i'm overly excited and the fact that she's completely unaware is really getting to me. i'm a secret sharer, a blabber mouth, whatever you want to label me, the elephant in the room (which i don't even know is an appropriate term considering she doesn't know about the elephant to begin with) is killer.

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