Friday, November 18

The great happening.

Sometimes it amazes me how people so similar can be so different. How something that someone did can change the way you look at them, though you love them nonetheless. How something can shock your soul and clench your heart and make you want to cry. And nothing even happened to you. Something big, real big, that can never be taken back. It breaks my heart to see all these good, Christian guys, falling in such a huge way. I mean, I understand nobodies perfect. I'm awful! But people can be so surprising and it makes you wonder where we are in this world.

Where am I in life? What have I accomplished for Jesus? What do people think of when they see me passing by? Hear my name mentioned in a conversation? Look at my pictures, see my friends. I want to do big things. I want my name to be shed in a good light. I want to taste the great waters and see the world. The ancient buildings, the mountains God made, the people. I want to find true love and have a family. I want to take care of them.

Sometimes, the path you have to follow, isn't the path that is expected.
And sometimes, the path isn't always a smooth surface.
But sometimes, you have to look at the bigger picture and think of love and forgiveness and God, who is both of those things. And fall into the redemption and mercy of His arms. And give others the same.

I'm not typical, I'm not perfect, I'm not normal.

And even though it can be hard sometimes, I'm oh-so-thankful for it in the end.

I will try my best not to judge you, friend. Because in the end, we're all just people trying to make our way. I will try not to look at you funny, friend. Because in the end, we all could be deserving of awkward stares.

Oh, and friend? Just remember that I love you.


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