Monday, February 4

best i ever had

school has been trying to kick my butt.
actually, life in general has. 
but i'm refusing to let it and instead just drinking a little more caffeine and taking naps.
and also i do enjoy  my kitty folder i got yesterday.
it makes digging for papers a little more enjoyable. 
and even though things are crazy, i have to remember that it won't last forever.  
i should enjoy every ounce of it. 
i should focus. 
also, this song has nothing to do with anything in life. 
but i like it so. 
baby you the beeeest, baby you the beeeest.


  1. i just got a new folder yesterday too and it makes doing homework just a little more fun. :)

  2. I love that you embrace little joys like the kitty folder :) My American Lit folder makes me happy even when that class doesn't, lol.


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