Sunday, March 24

port st. lucy

i'm in florida right now, discovering the joys of collecting shells, diving in waves, and cute little local eats. this place is great, you guys, and while i'm ready to return, i'm also going to miss it. i'm going to miss the sun burns and the crazy hair and the late night diet cokes. i'm going to miss swimming in the ocean and watching the surfers, wishing i could be as cool as them. i'll miss laughing at the cute little children all lathered in sun screen, running around playfully. i'm going to miss the disgusting mounds of sand you find nestled inside your swim suit and making nom foods for breakfast. it's places like these that you make you think about a lot of things, like how much you want to fall in love and get married and raise little surfer babies. about how much you could do if you could just escape the routines of life. about how much time school really takes up. this vacation, has really been a vacation for me. i hope i go back home not only bronzed and blonde, but also appreciating the little things and trying to make each day special. - SB13 ♥

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  1. yeah, its really those little moments and getaways that you treasure the older you get. these days when i get to walk around the lake or go get something tasty to drink with a close sister are the days that feel like life splurges... Loved reading this



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