Monday, November 18

monday funday

i don't know how you guys feel about public speaking, but for me personally, it's a nightmare. i'll be confident in my information, i'll practice, and i'll make note cards. but somewhere between standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom and standing in front of my class, my confidence dissolves.. my knees grow weak, i feel out of breath, and my voice sounds like i'm on the verge of bawling. i really don't understand, but i'm happy it's over, if only for today. my civil war research on the minie ball a "revolutionary bullet" is in the past. thank. god.

speaking of class, school has been weird this year. if you guys are newbies to my life, then you may not be aware that this is only my second year in el public schoolo. i'm a junior in a small town where nearly everyone smokes pot and/or farms. it's interesting, really, considering i do neither. this year i think is a year of growth and change for me. i've become so much more involved in my church, i'm discovering new interests and desires, and i've hopped back on my own bandwagon with the realizing that the traditional "dating" game is not for me. that, however, is something i could discuss post after post. and let's be honest: i probably will.

i should probably go now.
i need to get on my devotions and get to bed.
i'm planning on getting a mocha from mcdonalds tomorrow and tomorrow night is the selena gomez concert.
can we just please take a moment of silence for selena:


thank you very much.
have a stellar tuesday babies.

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